This study was conducted to understand how do asset allocators view active equity strategies in the context of today’s market realities and to know the top selection criteria for active equity and views on the use and power of technology, among other factors.

Research Advisory

This study was conducted by iResearch Services for one of the world's leading research company. Before conducting this study some secondary research was done to reveals important insights around their use of active equities today, technology, future allocation intentions, and attributes they value most in their equity managers, etc.

Survey & Analysis

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Telephonic Interview
Telephonic Interview
Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

44% of respondents expect to have a high concentration of their equities in active strategies 5 years from now.

60% of the investors opt for thematic active strategies and 52% of the investors opt for systematic strategies for exposure to developed-market equities, with the same strategies preferred for emerging-market equities.

66% of respondents seek the right combination of active and index equity strategies to meet their investment outcomes.

54% of the investors are open to next-generation technology like artificial intelligence (AI) for risk management.

55% of respondents' top selection criteria for active equity managers include risk-management capabilities, fiduciary record, and reputation.