Generating Better Leads in 4 Easy Steps

Generating Better Leads in 4 Easy Steps

If you are one of the business organizations undertaking new marketing strategies and lead generation programs to achieve more leads in the newly begun year of 2015, then you should pause and do some analysis. The reason being most new leads undertaken by businesses do not yield the expected result for best known reasons. The success of any business is directly linked to the leads generated.

For both established as well as for start up businesses the trick lies in retaining the old customers and finding new customers. The need to generate new sales lead for businesses arises constantly for the sole reason that customer attrition rate hovers somewhere between 15 to 20% on an average.

The sales volume and profits of a business will come down drastically if an organization fails to chase new customers. Generation of better quality, low cost and efficient leads is an important part of a sales cycle in a business. The secret to retaining the top position in business and staying afloat purely lies in better understanding and finding of leads.

The following ideas on how to make lead management more effective will throw light on the same.

1. Generating a marketing channel along with sales channel
The major mistake made by most organizations is to depend solely on the sales channel for generating leads. Generating a marketing channel along with a sales channel will help to have a better understanding of whether the leads generated will qualify for sales or not.

Though a tough challenge, creation of marketing channel alongside helps to bring all leads under one umbrella thus making it easy for the sales department to talk to the customers directly.

2. Generating a global lead definition
In bigger organizations with constantly growing leads, you need to have a clear definition of the word-lead generation. This is essential if the organization wants to avoid concentration on only the old customers and complete ignorance of the new customers by the sales team.

As lead generation is an often repeated and not one time activity, defining it clearly helps to keep the sales number high without trusting on uncertain leads to shift the needle up.

3. Direct conversation with consumers
No doubt, emails, web profiling all help to touch upon the customers, but nothing works like a direct one to one conversation with the customers. Instead of making phone calls only to sell or to do follow up or set up an appointment, the sales team of the company should try to engage a productive conversation with the consumers by becoming a reliable advisor whom the customer can trust upon.

This is possible by engaging in fruitful talks which will motivate the customers to initiate a conversation on the goal driven topics or projects.

4. Follow up of the dead leads
A detailed study of a year or more than a year old leads helps organizations to re-vitalize and engage them in a productive way. Regular checking of the profile data available on the web form and calling them will help to revive old dead leads. Just a hello and reminder of the dialogue they had with us and if we can be of any service to them is enough to start afresh and revival of old dead leads.

A simple follow up email is enough to get a fairly good idea about the genuine customers who are really interested and can be put in the category of prime candidates, the ones who are likely to be sales leads and those likely to become sales. This simple step of following up and reviving old dead leads is sure to bring a major chunk of business for a paltry sum of expenses spent for doing the same.

Interacting with a customer by asking genuinely whether he is satisfied with your product and whether he is in need of any one or some other product or services of yours is enough to start a trusted lifelong relationship than making cold calls to unknown contacts.

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