This study mainly highlights on how the HR needs to recognize the challenges, impact, and need for transformation and adapt to the rapid pace of change. Also, HR needs to change their perspective and embrace new ways of operating, use of technology if they are to remain viable in today’s market.

Research Advisory

The research advisory team has done some secondary research before conducting this study, on how organizations are responding to the need to reshape the HR function in ways that will deliver new value to the bottom line. It also delivered data on two new categories: HR’s value-add to the business and intelligent automation.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses

Percent of Senior HR Executives Responses

Million USD Revenue and above


Telephonic Interview
Telephonic Interview
Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

72% of the HR executive has changed its operating model alongside their implementation.

66% of executives are driving the conversation on the impact of Intelligent Automation inside their organization.

92% of strategic HR functions view Intelligent Automation as having a significant impact on the HR function.

65% of HR executive says that they view technological disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat.

68% of the HR executive has taken steps to challenge themselves in the past year.