How to identify the best prospects for B2B lead generation?

How to identify the best prospects for B2B lead generation?

Any organization searching for leads to buy their products and services would always be on the lookout for those companies having problems for which the concerned organization has the solution. But how can an organization find such companies in the first place and come across the required contacts from inside the companies is a big question? Though it looks like as an easy task, it requires specialized skills to tackle this.

Categorize existing consumers

To begin with, categorise your existing consumers by ranking them in the below mentioned 3 categories:

On the basis of total income or proceeds

List the largest companies at the beginning or top of the list and companies with least income at the lowest or at the bottom.

On the basis of Profit

Rank the companies on the basis of most profitable to least profitable. But one reason that need be taken into account in this regard is that the most profitable company need not always be the one with the highest gross revenue.

On the basis of most suited

The third and the last class on the basis of which the existing consumers get ranked is the best suited or the most right companies for what the organization is selling.  As compared to the first two, this third ranking is highly subjective. This categorization helps to find the companies that the organization is well acquainted with, fun to associate and work with, those having the business that the organization can understand best or find similarity with, the companies with whom the organization can share a great working relationship. The ranking is usually done in a descending order from the best suited to the least.

On the basis of the above categorization, an organization can find its ideal customer lists by choosing those consumers who are either at the top or near the top of all the three categories.

Questions one needs to discuss before considering consumers for lead generation programs:

Prior to reviewing current consumers for lead generation programs, the following questions need to be addressed:

  • The type of industry that the consumers are in.
  • Whether small, large or medium-sized businesses?
  • The geographical location of the industries or businesses.
  • Details about the Standard Industrial Classification code.
  • Information about the job functions or titles of the authorities having the right to take decisions.

The above details would enable organizations to concentrate their efforts to find similar companies as well as decision-making authorities to focus their marketing attempt. First and foremost identification of what is distinct is essential so that the organization can direct its efforts to find more such companies.

Apart from the above, locating the likely respondents, aiming lead generation by market or by geographical location, research the media to which the target respondents are mostly exposed, say for instance the kind of magazines that are being ready by the respondents etc., concentrate on varied B2B marketing methods such as advertising or promoting the company logo etc. to target the right audience. All these aids in the drafting of the perfect marketing database plan to promote and get quality B2B leads.

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