This study was conducted to understand the impact, benefits, and challenges faced by the company in deploying artificial intelligence and deep learning. Also, to know how business environments are becoming more complex when relying on a huge patchwork of applications, systems, and services for every aspect of the business.

Research Advisory

iResearch Services conducted this study with the executive who is responsible for artificial intelligence and deep learning. Before conducting this study the team has collected the data which are GDPR opt-in and then according to this the questionnaire was designed.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses


Percent CIO’s/IT directors


Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

90% of executives anticipate a need to increase the number of different IT applications, systems, and services over the next 5 years.

99% of executives believe that deep learning and machine learning methods will transform their industries.

72% of executives say deep learning and machine learning are benefitting the operation areas the most in the organization.

79% of executives say that they have some projects live within the business which are currently in terms of building and deploying their own proprietary deep learning or other machine learning solutions within the organization.

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