Industry 4.0 refers to the rise of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, fuelled by technologies such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing, etc. This study was conducted amongst the major manufacturers to understand the technological issues and impacts on their businesses and also to know the challenges that they faced when implementing new technology in their organization.

Research Advisory

iResearch Services worked with the client for developing a questionnaire. The questions were investigated on how the manufacturing industries are using technologies? How the technologies are impacting the businesses and the organization? Focusing on these things some secondary research was done before conducting the study.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses


Percent C-suite, Head Of Department, and General Manager


Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

27% of the executives implemented the cyber-physical systems and seen that there are major operational benefits that help employees in their complete tasks that are time-consuming, exhausting, or unsafe.

50% of the executives have implemented Autonomous robots across the supplier management business functions.

33% of the warehouse operations have a significant change in the Industry 4.0-led programs which have affected the departmental and team structures.

57% of the executives had integrated supplier data into their own business intelligence, keeping in mind the Industry 4.0-led programs that have affected the supply chain operations.

29% of the executives indicated that the cost of new technologies is too high which stood as a barrier in the way of business model change within the organization.

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