Intelligent Apps- Fueling the future

Intelligent Apps- Fueling the future

Technology has become the embedded component of applications and the defacto driver for growth in industries. With the advent of AI, new milestones are being achieved each day. We are moving towards an era of more and more integration, making it an indispensable mediator between systems and humans. The rapid strides taken by mobile industry, seems like an overwhelming convergence of multiple worlds. The innate ability of such systems to improve itself, strengthened by data analytics, IoT and AI have opened new frontiers. To reap the unbound merits of AI, software application vendors are integrating it into software applications. It is literally the dawn of intelligent applications. Gartner, the research and advisory firm, predicting the pulse, observed- Intelligent Apps as one of the top 10 Strategic technology trends of 2017. This trend has just magnified itself in 2018.  So, what is an intelligent application or abbreviated as simple “Intelligent App” ? Applications that leverage historical and real-time data based on user interactions and other sources to make predictions and suggestions, enabling deliverance of personalized and adaptive user experiences!  Such apps are capable of converging database and data warehouse workloads. This remarkable ability equips companies to changing conditions in real time. It has pervaded every segment, be it wealth management and finance, energy sector, media,health, marketing etc. Behind the simplistic visage of companies it is the intelligent apps doing the trick!

B2C businesses will adopt and integrate intelligent apps with increased alacrity, but it shows promising growth and mobility in B2B environments too. It is worthwhile to delve a bit on the distinctive characteristics of such apps. Defining features include-

  1. Data-driven : Intelligent Apps work upon huge amounts of data, read and store human a vast array of human interactions, process it combined with sensory inputs and powered by IoT and come up with truly intelligent valuable insights or results. Thus it seems to providing just the right kind of answers churning large amount of data.
  2. Adaptability: One of the key attractions why giants as well as startups go for Intelligent apps. This makes the return on investment high. This sense of fluidity, inbuilt in the behavior allows the app to adapt quickly to new demands, offer more insight than before, owing to its sustained learning path, an ever evolving one. Such quality is excellent for medical diagnosis, where such apps can record massive test results, family history, and response to drugs, create patterns and leave the rest for experts to construe!
  3. Doing away with legacy keyboard inputs- A truly intelligent app can just by reading gestures, motions, speech inputs and biometrics, produce results and allow the user to do away with the need to use keys. Vision the importance of such apps in terminally ill patients or ones with restricted mobility.
  4. Predictive behavior based on user activity- Deep analysis enables not only personalization but also continuous changes in the app behavior too to serve the changing demands of differential usage pattern.

How to create an intelligent app suited to one’s business needs?

Steps to digital transformation will invariably weave through the maze of intelligent apps. Usage of intelligent applications embedded in the business ecosystem can bring great results and revenue. This starts with identification of such prospective areas which show growth potential, then putting our data sources both existing as well as historical ones for contiguity, carving out an architecture that leverages the best of analytics, machine learning, a feedback loop to constantly supply effects into the system, and lastly catching on the market pulse to learn about the best industry practices vis a vis intelligent apps. A growth path that puts intelligent apps in charge of digital transformation.

Intelligent apps and areas of increased incorporation:

Sectors banking on intelligent applications for reaping substantial benefits are on the rise. Their deployment and adoption has seen a surge in recent times.

Finance and wealth management was in fact, one of the first areas to open and embrace digital platform.  InvestCloud is the leading provider of flexible and fully integrated digital applets for financial services. It provides “client experiences and intuitive operations solutions using ever-expanding library of digital modular apps”.

Energy sector is another area where intelligent application is making massive inroads. Whether we talk about storage capacities, mapping of energy usage, or autonomous grids receiving mammoth sized data from sources as different as wind, solar, tidal, or in failure mitigation and management saving loss of life and money, intelligent applications based on AI are showing the way forward. Reports from Greentech media and applications designed by likes Siemens and others, drive home the truth.

Other area, which has registered huge dependence, is media and entertainment. The digital marketing strategy has gone for overhaul with advent of intelligent applications. Content creation, curation, SEO are all integrating resilient and robust AI based technologies with intelligent apps as the keystone!

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