DPO Message

Privacy at iResearch Services Is More Than Just a Policy.

Our privacy program is not about long documents and fancy words, nor is it for mere legal compliance. It’s about genuinely caring about your privacy and doing right by you and your data.

Together with iResearch Services’ privacy, security, and legal teams, we set out to build and lead our privacy program to new heights. We continue to empower our clients who trust us with their data and protect the privacy of those millions of individuals whose data we store.

Our clients’ and respondents’ data belongs to them. Your personal data is yours. We’re here to secure that, honor your trust in us, and ensure that your privacy and rights are protected.

This is not a lip service commitment you might be used to seeing at the top of every other privacy policy. This is also not something we simply say for mere legal compliance. We genuinely care about your privacy and hope that through this page and the resources we publish, we can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to you.

  • If you have read through everything and still haven’t found what you were looking for, or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please drop us a line at [email protected].
  • We appreciate any and all feedback received, as we look to do our best by you and your data.

Data Protection Officer at iResearch Services – [email protected]