iRS Celebrates 8 Short Years in Business

iRS Celebrates 8 Short Years in Business

Today is a special day, it’s been eight short years, and we call it short because the journey has just begun for all of us. It goes without saying that people are vital to the success of any organisation and ours isn’t a different story. We cannot thank enough to each one of you for your determinations all through this journey and forward.

It is amazing to see how far we have come, but we are thinking more about iRS’s future than it’s past. Exciting times are lined up for us in the future, gear up for more knowledge & experience as we continue to our growth.

We believe we have the best resources who drive and solve toughest research problems. Today, we engage in most facets of research data collection and lead generation, which, combines with our deepest commitment on delivering highest quality of services – these are our strengths we continue to hold tight in our road ahead.

“It’s my pride to work with a team like yourselves, our progress and awards from Deloitte and others make this journey a lot sweeter. In coming years, iRS will have opportunity to reach more companies around the world whilst we swell our service portfolio. Our accomplishments in the last eight years have empowered countless businesses in their decision making and growth. Thank you for helping make iRS a fantastic company now and for years to come.” expressed Yogesh Shah, director, iResearch Services.

Once again, we wish you all Happy iRS Day!

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