System Support Manager

Location: Pune , INDIA
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iResearch Services is a flexible and innovative player in providing research & administrative support, content rendering and data gathering from our research centre based in India. We specialize in business, financial, healthcare market research, back office and research support services. Our clients who bank upon up-to-date information and market dynamics choose us for research and support services, a key for their business growth.
Our clients are based in the Europe, UK, USA, Australia & Korea. iRS’s online research specialization empowers customers with the ability to make efficient decisions. Our customers also choose us for better marketing strategies, monitored competitive intelligence and proven results for upgrading their service levels. Our creative and cutting-edge information and research services are witnessed by global consultants, researchers, analytical units and information seekers.

  • Responsible for preventive maintenance of Desktops, Printers and any technical devices in the company.
  • Responsible for Installation and Troubleshooting Operating System, Desktops, Printer, Networking Device, Firewall, Internet, Dialer, Remote Desktop.
  • To monitor & maintain FTP sites.
  • Responsible for Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Desktops, Servers and their operating system, Network devices, UPS, Electrical and Telecommunication Equipments.
  • Responsible for Security Management (Configuration and Maintenance server security, user account & password generation, firewall addition, antivirus, windows update, security policy, log files, patch upgrade, backup, etc.
  • To support other departments for the redress of technical queries.
  • Responsible for Vendor Management (Procurement & Verification of hardware and software resources / and various Technical support Services.)
  • Responsible for the evaluation of the Vendor.
  • Responsible for End-user training.
  • Handle the IT team.
  • 4-10 years of working experience
Skills Required
  • To be able to support in preparing training modules, recruitment, and selection.
  • Authority to investigate data manipulation and invalid usage of company resources
  • Authority to deal with vendors
  • Authority to evaluate vendor.
  • Authority for bill verification.
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