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Quality Analyst

Quality analyst is responsible for evaluating and assessing the quality of audio recordings or voice communications. This role is particularly crucial in iResearch services where clear and effective communication is vital for CATI and CAWI calls.

Call audits: Evaluate the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of voice recordings or live communication for CATI and CAWI telephonic interviews.
Identify defects: Detect and identify any defects related to call quality and other factors that may affect voice quality.
Performance Metrics: Develop and implement metrics to measure and analyse voice quality performance.
Feedback: Provide constructive feedback to relevant teams or individuals to improve voice quality standards.
Monitoring Systems: Use specialized tools and systems to monitor and analyse voice quality in real-time or through recorded interactions.
Documentation: Maintain detailed records and documentation of voice quality assessments, issues identified, and corrective actions taken.
Training: Contribute to training programs to educate individuals or teams on best practices for maintaining high voice quality standards.
Call calibrations: Conduct monthly call calibrations.

Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to provide feedback and reports.
Analytical Skills: Ability to analyse and interpret voice quality metrics and performance data.
Strong problem-solving skills to identify and address voice quality issues.
Quality Assurance: Knowledge of quality assurance principles and practices.
Experience in developing and implementing quality standards for voice communication.
Industry Knowledge: Understanding of industry best practices and trends related to voice quality.
Awareness of emerging technologies and their impact on voice communications.
Training and Development: Experience in developing and delivering training programs on voice quality standards.
Ability to educate and guide individuals or teams on improving voice quality.
Technical Proficiency: Six sigma tools, like 5whys, Root cause analysis, ishikawa diagram etc

At iResearch, we understand and profoundly empathize with our diverse workforce's unique perspectives and needs. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels truly valued and empowered to be their authentic selves. Our goal is to create a workplace free from any barriers, particularly those faced by underrepresented groups, and empower all our employees to reach their full potential. We are passionate about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.

Our benefits may vary depending on the employee's location but rest assured; we strive to offer the best perks and an inclusive environment to support your professional growth no matter where you are. From generous annual leave allowances and flexible working options to life and medical cover for you and your family, enhanced maternity and paternity packages, uncapped earning potential, hybrid working and opportunities to give back to the community through our Giving for Good Foundation. We are committed to making sure our employees are taken care of and feel valued.


Call Auditing, Call Monitoring, Quality Feedbacks, Communication

Hiring Note:

"At iRS, while we are a global organization, we encourage local candidates to apply for any position within our organization, particularly at our large facility in Pune. Hiring individuals who reside near our company facility offers the benefits of their local insights and connection to the community to enhance our ability to provide exceptional products/services and foster meaningful relationships. We believe that hiring locally here contributes to a collaborative and efficient work environment, reinforces our commitment to sustainability, and strengthens our ties with the community we serve, ‘giving back’ across the ecosystem in which we operate. We balance this with offering remote and hybrid working across our international jurisdictions to provide a fair and flexible working environment for all employees."

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1-3 Years
Quality Operations

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