Thought and super squad leader

Behold the golden glow emitted as if by magic! The Leading Light is the greatest of all the Thought Leadership Super Squad, a demigod who dazzles, channeler of energy and brilliant ideas. Nobody knows LL’s origins, but what is certain is that thought leadership can move metaphorical mountains.

Reveal Superpower
Superpower: Illuminating thought leadership’s capacity to deliver huge, potentially game-changing advantages. Marshalling the great force of thought leadership to overpower adversaries.

Majors in measurement

Bam, Pow… Wow! What an impact. What a quantifiable impact. Major Measure is all about hitting the target and striking down the fiendish hordes of evaluation-hating beasts.

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Superpower: A wave of the mighty golden ruler ensures metrics and ROI maintain their rightful place.

Dives deep into research

No panel is too difficult to access, nor number of respondents too great to grapple with for The Researcher. Always searching for answers from the great and the good and reeling in the right data for Data Cruncher, The Editor and the team to work their magic on.

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Superpower: Gathers copious amounts of data at lightning speed and seeks out sources of genuine insight super-efficiently.


Often teamed up with Major Measure, Data Cruncher is renowned for staying one step ahead. Mountains of data hold no fear for this superhero, who unfailingly crunches onward until a compelling story or competitive edge is unearthed.

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Superpower: Making sense of valuable information irrespective of how complex and impenetrable it may at first appear.


Barriers beware! Prejudice and bias be gone! No inconvenient wall is strong enough, no distance too great to bridge. Barrier Breaker smashes down the silos to boost effective collaboration. They won’t tolerate unfairness. “DEI or die” – now that’s what we call a catchphrase.

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Superpower: Bringing talent together to outdo the competition. Helps inclusive organizations fly high.

steers the editorial and content ship safely

Batman’s famed utility belt contains gadgets galore, however Captain Content can draw on an equally impressive array of tools to ensure a content strategy delivers great results. In today’s omnichannel world, it’s vital not only to share content that informs and resonates but to pick the best media and most appropriate mechanisms for connecting with your target audience. Captain Content also polices grammar gremlins, punctuation pests, style vampires and more, while bringing ideas and narratives to life. Sense checks all comic book capers and super squad initiatives, and strategizes to ensure alignment of research, content and activation.

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Superpower: A mindboggling selection of super tools, coupled with the wisdom to know when and how to use them.

Dives deep into research

Watch the sparks fly when Ignitra is unleashed. Innovation is the lifeblood of many organizations and it flows through Ignitra’s pioneering, lab-developed veins.

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Superpower: Can spot innovation from a mile off and show how it makes a serious difference. Full of fresh ideas that capture attention and connect with audiences. Memorable and persuasive originality.


We should marvel (with a small ‘m’) at the power of well-crafted messages. On the mighty anvil of eloquence, Communico dexterously hammers words into shape until they sparkle and have the strength to connect.

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Superpower: Able to disarm with words alone.


The Hulk isn’t the only green superhero around, although Earth Angel is a different kind of ‘green’. Protector of the planet, its ecosystems, flora, fauna and people. Buzzes with clean energy. To Spiderman’s famous observation that “with great power comes great responsibility”, Earth Angel would add “with great responsibility comes great thought leadership.”

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Superpower: Transforms responsible behavior into reputational capital.


Watch out fake news, The Defender will hunt you down! Eats rumors for breakfast, smears for lunch and devours lies before it gets dark. In an age when damaging proliferate, the Defender’s use of clear and honest argument is the way to survive and prosper.

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Superpower: Setting the record straight.

generating leads like lightning

Apologies bloodhounds, Lead Hunter’s nose is a billion times more powerful than your canine snouts. It’s able to sniff out leads across the globe. And we don’t mean dog leads. New business lead generation is this superhero’s forte, so put your pipeline in safe hands.

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Superpower: Making prospects take notice.

sell, sell, sell!

It’s as if you’re enchanted, beguiled, spellbound. Silver-tongued Super Seller provides the compelling information, context and narrative to help close the deal, turning prospects into customers. When Super Seller is about, wallets come out. With their trusty sidekick, Lead Hunter, they can sniff out leads across the globe.

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Superpower: Making prospects take notice. Kapow, Kerching! Money when it matters.

the marketing guru

The CMO’s super sidekick is no slouch. A wizard at aligning thought leadership with marketing goals and promoting products and services through magical ideas. Don’t be fooled by the marketing muscle bulging through the costume, this superhero definitely has the brains of a don. And is also adept at devising offers you can’t refuse.

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Superpower: Marketing magic.

engaging employees all over the universe

Some prefer a cudgel, others a hammer. For this superhero it’s all about the staff. Specifically, using thought leadership to build employer brand/employee value propositions, as well as to engage and retain good people in the workforce.

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Superpower: Great at ‘sticky’ messages that differentiate the organization.

Can you identify any of these superheroes in your organization?

Thought leadership can seem like a gigantic task but with the right team and resources, you can drive business results that supersede the challenges. Find out how you can develop a thought leadership program that works for you and your business.

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