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Let’s Get Personal: How Well Do You Know Your Client?

Grammarly might not be a B2B brand but we have come to love and appreciate the way they personalize their marketing.

Everyone knows that they offer a grammar-checking algorithm. What not everyone looks at is how they make it appealing to different segments of their audiences.

To the writers, editors, proof-readers, and other people in related roles, Grammarly shows how they are the ideal solution to stop making writing mistakes. To executives and office professionals, the same offering is repackaged as the answer to sending better-worded emails. Students are also encouraged to get Grammarly if they want a better chance at acing their essays and project writings.

Same product, different marketing approaches. The power of personalization.

The Shoe Never Fits

When you walk a mile or more in your client’s shoes, do not expect those shoes to fit.

Surprisingly, the same shoes do not fit your clients, either. As they walk in those shoes, they have pain points pinching them to remind them of the reality of their problems.

Walking in those shoes is not just to feel the pain. It is also for you to consider how best to attack and hopefully eliminate the pain with your solution.

Many B2B brands are not living up to their full potential, but not because they do not have the right products. Not knowing how to position the products for success is the problem. Without proper research into your target audience and what they need, that problem remains unsolved, so, time, money and marketing efforts are wasted in not getting the solutions to the right clients, for the relevant problems.

People Drive Businesses

Marketing to businesses is always clouded by the fact that you want the brand to buy into your idea. How about we bring things back to the basics: focus on the people.

These people drive businesses – they are the ones with the challenge you want to solve. When they have challenges, the business stalls too. When you solve their problems, you also take care of the business.

As we discussed as another important “P”, you are selling to the business, but marketing to people.

Identify the people that you should be solving problems for. Understand what challenges they have. Know where and how their shoes pinch whenever they walk. Look at your product and service offering and see how it best fits their needs.

They are most interested in what that solution can do for them. Other benefits are just welcome add-ons, not why they are listening to you.

Drive purpose and brand success for the people within those businesses that you are marketing to. Remember that people buy from people, so you should also sell to people within the business and of course, treat them as such.  

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