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Levering Finance in Business Strategy

CFOs and their team can have a more strategic role to play in an organisation which can be achieved through greater information sharing and collaboration as well as using emerging technologies. This survey, conducted by one of the largest publication houses in the world...


Research advisory & campaign strategy

The team of advisers at iResearch Services conducted secondary research to identify the work schedule and priorities of the finance heads of organisations. The respondents were then picked evenly from across sectors to improve the quality of the research

Levering Finance in Business Strategy

Campaign specifics

Number of questions

11 +

Number of

survey responses

800 +


geography targeted

13 +


profiles targeted

18 +


target revenue companies

100M $
& above

Target revenue


2 +


Telephonic Interview and Online Survey

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
70% automation of day-to-day activities using artificial intelligence and digital voice assistants can help improve collaboration across business functions in the near future.
Key Takeaways
45% of cloud computing for remote access & chatbots to proactively drive collaboration across business functions.

Key Takeaways
33% of the executive believe that if automation frees up 30-50% time then the organization can focus on customer relationship management.
Key Takeaways
80% of the executives believe that knowledge of emerging technologies & understanding of business strategy and operations data science and analytics were identified as the most important skills to focus on by CFOs
Editorial Design

Campaign summary stats

Report Downloads

20K +

Report Downloads

Industry leaders engaged

2K +

Industry leaders engaged

Article coverage across key geographies

20 +

Article coverage across key geographies

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