Market Research Companies: 3 Primary Questions When Hiring an Agency

Market Research Companies: 3 Primary Questions When Hiring an Agency

The growth and success of any business is directly proportional to the consumer preference shown for a company’s products and services. The positive response provided by the consumers helps in making the business develop and create a place in the industry.

With computers and the Internet, though it has become quite easy for companies to get consumer feedback instantly and conduct business successfully. Not all companies are able to undertake market research on their own. For instance, start-ups and medium-sized companies find it extremely difficult to conduct market research on their own. For them hiring the best market research company for all their marketing needs is the solution.

Selecting the best market research company

Every market research company providing market research services claim itself as the best in the industry. They end up claiming that their methods are highly advanced and meet the international standards along with being up to date. Some even promise of results that would be easily achieved. But the reality is that most agencies fail to meet the required expectations and fail to give the promised results.

Then what should a company do to hire the best market research company that provide quality results. The answer is simple. Ask the marketing agency the below underlined questions and if you find the answers satisfactory, then just go ahead. As you can stay rest assured that you are in safe hands.

1. How would the market research agency handle the respondents to meet the desired results?

If a marketing research company ends up preparing long boring questionnaire for online surveys, chances are that the respondent might lose interest. Hence make sure that the agency to which you entrust the marketing research work ends up preparing a mixed bag of questions involving open-ended questions. Similarly evaluating the questions from the consumer’s perspective is essential to make it engaging so that the consumers do not lose interest. The ultimate aim of the surveys conducted is to make the consumers enjoy giving the surveys and not find it long or repetitive.

2. How long would be the questionnaire?

In the telephonic interview method of CATI, the time of the survey conducted used to last atleast half an hour. The reason was to give the respondents with enough time to answer the questions. Even the consumers willingly cooperated as they had plenty of time in their hands. But now with times having changed, respondents find it difficult to spare more than 10 to 15 minutes for a survey due to their busy schedules. A good marketing research company would be able to draft a shorter questionnaire by focussing on the real goals.

3. Does the market research company take in to consideration those ideas that consumers do not approve?

Many market research companies end up focussing only on those ideas that majority of respondents approve and in the process end up losing on good ideas and opportunities that are outright rejected by respondent but still have potential. A good market research company would take time out to analyze all the concepts in detail and would not focus only on the successful ones.

In the modern competitive scenario, hiring the perfect market research company for all marketing needs and allied services plays a significant role in the success of the business. Hence, every business needs to do its homework properly before hiring one.

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