Did you miss Europe’s first-ever Thought Leadership For Tomorrow event in London? Don’t worry, you are in luck.

Join us as we reveal the treasure trove of insights from this exclusive event on-demand. Discover the future of thought leadership through our curated content, where we delve into the 4 Rs – Reputation, Relationships, Revenue, and Real-World Impact. Gain valuable insights to excel in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Our event featured in-depth insight sessions and captivating fireside chats led by 18+ global industry leaders, experts, and innovators. They unpacked the latest thought leadership trends for B2B success, unveiled the exciting world of Generative AI and content intelligence, and shared strategies for measuring thought leadership ROI.

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    You can watch the full event video or gain individual insights from each panel video from the day on our sessions page. 


    Francis Hintermann

    Growth & Strategy, Accenture Research Global Managing Director

    Philippe Roussiere

    Accenture Research Innovation & AI, Global Lead

    Dan Davey


    Euan Davis

    Vice President of Virtusa

    Dave Reid

    Research Director of DXC Leading Edge

    Anders Erlandsson

    Head of IndustryLabs

    Elisabeth Bolshaw

    Global Content Strategist I EY Insights | Global Markets

    Damian Low

    Senior Director

    Anthony Marshall

    Senior Research Director, Thought Leadership, IBM Institute for Business Value

    Cindy Anderson

    IBM Institute for Business Value – Global Executive, Thought Leadership Engagement & Eminence

    Samad Masood

    Content Strategy & Marketing Lead

    Scott Addison

    Director/Head of Corporate

    Kevin Lyman

    Global Head of Thought Leadership for Invesco Ltd

    Jeff Potter

    Head of Advisory Insights – US Advisory

    Lucia Rahilly

    Global Editorial Director & Deputy Publisher

    James Redgrave

    Vice President, Global Thought Leadership & Editorial

    Serge Perignon

    Global Head, Thought Leadership Institute

    Our Team and Moderators/Speakers

    Yogesh Shah CEO

    Andrew Newby Director of Operations

    Rachael Kinsella Editorial & Content Director

    Gurpreet Purewal VP of Sales – Thought Leadership

    Yi Ling Huang Chief Innovation Editor


    Session 1


    by Yogesh (CEO iResearch Services)

    Session 2

    Aspiring Change-Makers – Making Change
    Happen with Thought Leadership

    Session 3

    Expanding your Thought
    Leadership Ecosystem

    (Chaired panel with Q&A)

    Session 4

    People Always Talk About Reputation

    Session 5

    Paradigm Shifts: Thought Leadership and
    Sustainable Strategies for Growth

    Session 6

    Compounding Convention:
    Innovating with Thought Leadership

    Session 7

    Building the Backbone of Purpose and
    Identity Through Thought Leadership

    Session 8

    To AI, or not to AI?

    Session 9

    Show Me The Money! Relating
    Thought Leadership to Revenue

    Session 10

    Closing Speech

    by Yogesh (CEO iResearch Services)


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