Online market research companies: How they help stay ahead of the competition

Online market research companies: How they help stay ahead of the competition

Any business strategy involves an organized and thorough attempt to obtain information about the respective target market. This is different from marketing research which is about marketing processes whereas market research is all about the market. To maintain an edge on the competition, online market research companies provide crucial information about the market requirements, the size of the market and also about the competition.

Research techniques such as qualitative and quantitative are employed in this process. Qualitative methods include identifying focus groups, in-depth interviews both face to face as well as telephonic whereas quantitative methods such as surveys and analysis of secondary data.


Qualitative techniques involve several tasks such as product testing, insights on the competition, identifying focus groups, real-time discussions with the target audience through face to face as well as detailed telephonic discussions, panel discussions online as well as on social media.

On the other hand, quantitative research acts as an additional support to qualitative research. It involves surveys of the market both online as well as telephonic, analyzing the data generated in turn understanding the numbers which lead to understanding customer behavior.

In addition to these, tools such as estimation of demand, test marketing, concept testing, help understand the market better. Online market research companies help find out the exact requirement of the company by customizing its strategy depending on the market.

Effectiveness of online market research companies services

Any dynamic company strives to reduce costs, increase profits and is eager to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve this relevant, accurate and trustworthy market information is required. This task is done through market research.

If the market research is accurate and reliable, the organization need not rely on instinct/gut feeling of the manager or owner. The owner or manager then takes appropriate decisions to fulfill customer needs. As any business person is aware, there are several unknown factors that may affect the market conditions which are beyond his control. Some of the unknown factors are government policies, economic conditions and to some extent social and cultural changes. Accurate market research enables the owner/manager to reduce the impact of such unknown factors.

An important advantage of online market research companies is the fact that mere access to data will not help in decoding customer behavioral patterns, qualitative, and quantitative research provides the “Why” and “What” respectively to the company & thus enabling it to take relevant decisions. Data by itself will only reveal general trends and provide a broad picture.

A thorough SWOT analysis of the product, concept, etc enables to understand it better. The similar analysis of the company and its competition helps the company understand itself better in the overall market scenario.

To sum it up all, online market research companies provide an accurate picture of the market, competition, growth opportunities, customer behavior, etc. A better knowledge of the market helps in improving the product, forecasting sales, and customer behavior. It helps the company to stay ahead of the competition by providing better products and being more responsive to market demands.


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