Editorial and
Design Thinking

Journalistic Skill that Can Hook Time-Starved Executives

The Editorial team at iResearch Services has deep experience in capturing the attention of busy executives. We have been able to boost our clients’ social media up lift by more than 170% and land their Thought Leadership in major media, making Thought Leadership content work hard for business development and sales efforts.

Our Content Pros

Our content pros are at the heart of these results. They have mastered the art of igniting readers’ attention through their experience at major media and businesses including Harvard Business Review, Economist Group, multi-disciplinary agencies and global consultancies such as KPMG.

What We Do

Fuse Data Science With Journalism

Our writers work closely with our research and data analysts to transform your data and storylines into sophisticated insights articulated with first-rate journalistic skill. This combination of insight and narrative breaks through the clutter and provides a powerful catalyst for deep reader engagement.

Develop Targeted Publishing Plans

Based on target markets and the messages your company wants to get across, our editorial and content design teams use the narratives built from the data and research findings to create full Thought Leadership programs and campaigns. The team advises on detailed publishing and activation plans for key touch points, tailored to specific audiences. For example, we can spark curiosity through infographics and social media posts, which can then link to more in-depth treatments of the research, including articles, white papers, points of view, opinion pieces, reports, and eBooks.

Create the Right Tone and Style

Because your research insights and unique narratives will appear on multiple media in different formats, the iResearch Services content teams can create a physical design and editorial tone that will coordinate materials published across locations and platforms that fit your brand, and work towards your specific content activation goals.

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    What You Get

    Creative Activation Strategies and Support

    We will develop creative briefs for each component. These briefs detail the scope and content of each part of the Thought Leadership program. Your organization can take an active part in the development approval of the briefs and materials based on them and we work in collaboration with clients to draw out key messages and ensure they reach desired audiences.

    An Integrated Portfolio of Thought Leadership Content

    At the end of the project, your business will get a complete set of data insights, narratives and content assets in whatever formats you need, so you can create your own presentations, speaker sessions and content-led events, as well as reports, PR and social media outreach.

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