Technology, Media, Telecommunications

We Deliver a Fresh Perspective

Every quarter, we identify what we see as key topic drivers in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industries. We leverage data science measurements, our own primary research, detailed secondary research and sentiment analysis to construct a fresh perspective of the challenges and opportunities in your sector.

Insights You Seek

Having a clear point of view, grounded in data, prepares us to pressure test every project idea. We will work with you to nail your business objectives. With that strong foundation set, we’ll ensure that the work we do together generates the insights you seek.

We’ve Been Hearing About

Acceleration of digital transformation across industries, including Finance and Healthcare

The future of IT: from operations and implementation to strategic leadership

The future working landscape and TMT roles – how is the jobs market evolving and what will roles look like across the industry?

Technology for good

Accelerating the E, S, and G in ESG through technological innovation and partnerships

Data: quality, insight, transparency, regulation, risk and security

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