This study was conducted to understand and to explore how the investors plan to rebalance assets. Also, to understand how global investors are concerned about the economic cycle, equity allocations and, asset allocations

Research Advisory

iResearch Services conducted this study for the worlds leading research company. This study was done for the 230 investors across the globe, who is representing over $7 trillion in investable assets. Also, we surveyed over a four-week period in November and early December.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses

Percent Global Insurance Company Responses

Percent Global Corporate Pension Company Responses


Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

56% of the investors stated that the possibility of the economic cycle turning is the most important macro risk influencing their asset rebalancing and asset allocation plans.

51% of the investors intend to decrease their allocation to equities which intend to asset planned reductions.

41% of the investors focused on reducing public market risk within the equity portfolio, but among which one-third plan to increase allocations to alpha-seeking strategies.

Within fixed income, the shift to private credit continues as 56% of global investors plan to increase their asset allocations.