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CMO Success:
Budgets vs ROI

2020 Insights Report Led By Senior Marketing Decision Makers

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We have surveyed more than 500 marketing executives and CMOs across the UK and US to come up with unique insights to help marketers move forward.

Given the current state of the market and tumult on the back of a pandemic year, these insights help chart out the best path for improved ROI.

Our survey reaches out to those marketers that have weathered the storm effectively, even setting up systems for improved success when this is all over. Their ideas and unique takes help you to pivot better, especially amid tight marketing budgets and high expectations for results.

We also discuss general opinions while charting out clear roadmaps, all gleaned from the results we gathered from our respondents.

Key Takeaways

Where to invest your marketing budget for the highest ROI
The data-driven approches to creating a winning target audience
Definitions of the content types that bring the best results
A step-by-step roadmap to executing a sustainable content strategy


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Technology Fast 500: 2015 Asia Pacific
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