How Sustainable is Financial Services?

The Time for Change is Now....

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The financial services ecosystem is striving for purpose and sustainability.

It is time for businesses in all sectors to focus on building long-term value.

This research by iResearch Services looks at the current state of sustainability in financial services, lifting the lid on whether the industry is behind genuinely sustainable practices or whether firms view it as a short-term agenda to jump on for positive exposure.

The survey spoke to 550 senior decision-makers in financial services across Europe, Australasia, China, Japan, the USA, UK, Russia, and India. We find out direct from across the financial services industry worldwide what obstacles and challenges remain to becoming sustainable and what financial services companies are doing to build a more sustainable future for all.

Download your copy of the report now to understand just how sustainable sustainability is for global financial services companies and their clients.

Key Takeaways

 iResearch Services

Sustainability as a driving force for investors and consumers

 iResearch Services

Consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance issues

 iResearch Services

The roadblocks to adopting sustainability

 iResearch Services

Business approaches to become more sustainable

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