How Sustainable is The Technology Sector? Part Two

Green pioneer or greenwasher? The tech industry and sustainability

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Our first report into sustainability in the technology sector focused on the findings of proprietary global research that iResearch Services conducted into attitudes towards and initiatives to build sustainability across the tech industry.

In this second part of the report series, we speak to sustainability specialists, consultants, technology leaders and decision-makers about their perspectives on the key challenges and opportunities for technology firms in becoming more sustainable themselves and for progressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts across business sectors.

Download your copy of the Part 2 report today to hear a wide range of viewpoints and key facts about the state of sustainability in the technology sector and beyond.

Gain practical insights into sustainability strategies, partnerships and initiatives that are already making a difference and hear about how the sector is tackling barriers to effective change, such as greenwashing, regulatory inconsistencies, carbon footprint measuring and reporting challenges.

Key Takeaways

What are the challenges and opportunities in the technology sector becoming more sustainable?
Which technologies and business strategies are driving sustainability?
What aspects of becoming net zero, measuring and reporting on carbon emissions are proving the most difficult for technology organizations - and how can they be addressed?
How is innovation driving cross-sector partnerships to bring about green tech and sustainable change?
Is greenwashing really as much of an issue for the technology industry as it appears?
How do technology companies address sustainability across the full supply chain?


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