Role of Visual Content as a Marketing Strategy in Market Research

Role of Visual Content as a Marketing Strategy in Market Research

A picture is known to convey a thousand words. In fact, in the recent years, pictures have become the global language. With everyone today, owning a mobile phone with a camera, we have made a dynamic entry into the era of visual content, language and culture.

It is no secret that social media content plays a significant role in attracting people to your content, website and increase the traffic, conversions and clicks thus promoting the overall growth of any business organization that makes use of content marketing.

The need to create compelling, persuasive, effective, desirable and accessible visuals has become the need of the hour with greater emphasis on the visual content only becoming more intense.

Why Visual Content should be used in Marketing?

  • Nearly 90% of information sent out to the brain are visual and these visuals are processed nearly 60,000 times faster in the brain as compared to the text.
  • People have a tendency to respond far better to a visual source of information as compared to plain text.
  • The website design according to the majority of people is the biggest deciding factor to perceive integrity and trustworthiness of the company.
  • Companies using infographics tend to show a steady growth in their traffic as compared to those who do not use the visual content for marketing.
  • A lot of viewers spend greater time on the pages of websites having videos.
  • The majority of consumers takes the decision to buy a product after watching a product video.
  • Pages having videos on them tend to attract inbound links nearly 3 times more than those with only plain texts.
  • Inclusion of a photo along with a video in a press release increases viewership to a large extent.

What should be the characteristics of a Visual Content in Marketing?

A good content with the following features always goes well with the audience and prospective buyers.

  • A good visual content is expected to merge effortlessly without interrupting the user experience without looking like an advertisement. It should be able provide the customer what they are searching in their chosen platform.
  • The features of a good visual content lies in offering rather than demanding. Instead of asking the consumers or prospective buyers to click or buy something, the emphasis should be to provide a social content with offers of value in a story like form.
  • A social content with a micro content is always desirable from the consumer point of view.
  • A good visual content of marketing strategy should always be emphasized towards the consumer needs emphasizing on the fact that you are always concerned and emphatic about the matter and news that concerns them.
  • A single piece of information on the visual content represents a part of your brand personality, it is very important to be reliable, persistent and aware of the brand image while conveying any sort of information.

The role of the visual content as a marketing strategy has a great future in the world of market research as the techniques used for the visual display of data enables a market researcher to easily convey even complex information and situations in a very simple way.

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