Sales Game:  Base CRM

Sales Game: Base CRM

Working on various sales projects involves a lot of sales related tasks from beginning to the closure that need to be coordinated and managed. During daily or weekly sales stand ups, base plays a very important role. This digital card wall tracks all the leads and hence explains details in very effective and efficient manner. Base is one of the best examples of a digital card wall, a web-based sales management application.

In short it’s a bird’s eye view of your entire sales updates in a single glance !!!

The key idea behind Base is to break down your work into simple “sales tasks” like RFQ stage, proposal state, and good chance stage and yes finally the “closure” – The main goal of entire sales process. Even setting up the notifications to update the lead can be added easily. Once the completion of the sales cycle, lead can be archived and sales report can be obtained both in revenue and infographic formats.

Base is a whiteboard with superpowers for any sales person. To work efficiently on Base, the user interface is very smooth and friendly. It helps to handle multiple sales pipelines simultaneously. The best part of Base is that it works on each size of screen …confused? Well base can be access by the user from their android phones, laptops, iPad, and much more.

If anyone from sales team want to get himself and manager on the same page, the Base would be your best option. The unique feature base provides is one can directly link their contacts from the LinkedIn and then start keeping track of the particular lead. The calling feature adds more beauty to this application. It helps in tracking leads till the time it is not converted and achieved- In short “Won”.


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