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Our economists source and model your data to create powerful new research outputs that drive press coverage and provide unique, original content – while our traditional desk research reinforces your thought leadership content with depth and rigor.


of executives who see their organizations as data-driven leaders, report an increased revenue over the past three fiscal years.

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Comprehensive marketing solutions for every stage of the thought leadership process.

From hypothesis testing to data analysis, visualization to storytelling; iResearch taps into astute business leaders, C-suite executives, academics and other key influencers to glean the foundational insights for your brand transformation. Our thought leadership experts research, refine, and hone in on your niche to carve out a dominant brand position in your industry.

Research tells us what is happening, insights answer the why behind the what. Our goal is to offer a story on ‘why’, and we do that by defining, determining & delivering the right narrative.

Yogesh Shah, CEO

We turn data & intelligence into high-impact content:

In today’s high-tech world, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer breadth of available data, which makes it a challenge to optimize your business intelligence resources to make sure it is serving you at peak efficiency.

How great ideas transform your brand

Our dedicated team of industry specialists mold your data and intelligence into extraordinary, engrossing and unmistakable thought leadership content. Don’t get mired in the details. Focus on the big picture; leave the legwork to us.

high-quality insights

Quantitative Surveys: CATI & CAWI

Desk Research

Qualitative Interviews


Secondary Research

CXO Audience Access

high-quality insight

Quantitative Surveys: CATI & CAWI

Desk Research

Qualitative Interviews


Secondary Research

audience access

Transform data into insights

Transform data into insights

Questionnaire Design

To get useful insights, you must ask useful questions.
We design our questionnaires from the outset with the end goal of influencing the conversation around your business goals.

End to End Campaign Management

Every brand campaign demands unwavering leadership.
We marshal a crack team of industry experts to research, implement and track new thought leadership paradigms.

Raw Data Analysis

All data tells a narrative. What’s in yours?
Our team turns data into revenue with seamless analysis, testing, and AI, capped by striking data visualization for maximum impact.

Data Processing

Before data can be interpreted, analyzed and leveraged, it must be processed into meaningful information.
Unlock the hidden secrets in your raw data with our bleeding-edge processing solutions.

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Those are just some of the clients that trust us to provide thought leadership solutions. We are privileged to repay that trust with streamlined solutions, rewarding insights, and exceptional return on investment.


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