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Sustainability and Climate Change Study

This study was conducted to understand how the actions of the past few years are influencing companies’ social responsibility initiatives, and what that could mean for the immediate future.


Research advisory & campaign strategy

iResearch Services created and led this study for one of the world's largest consulting firms. Before undertaking this study, secondary research was conducted to understand the drivers and how to measure programs that make an impact beyond financial metrics and the socially responsible business

Sustainability and Climate Change Study

Campaign at a glance

Number of questions

30 +


survey responses

350 +


geography targeted

20 +


profiles targeted

15 +


target revenue companies

500M $
& above

Target revenue


2 +


Telephonic Interview and Online Survey

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
46% of executives believe the CEO is the main driver for corporate social responsibility programs, and the views of the CEO and top executives play the largest role in driving societal impact.
Key Takeaways
58% of the executives believe that there is a positive impact on the bottom line and 55% of executives say there is a positive impact on beneficiaries’ lives for the societal-impact initiatives which influence companies’ performance and sustainability.
Key Takeaways
47% of executives believe that challenges such as computer literacy and access to technology as a focus on companies' social impact strategies.
Key Takeaways
49% of the executives believe that challenges related to the societal issues were the top issues on which to take a public stance in the coming year.
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