The age of digital disruption continues to devastate established companies and turn entire industries on their heads. This survey was conducted to understand what pressures and opportunities business are experiencing as a result of the explosion of customer information, the disruption in their industry and their strategies for getting a handle on the customer information to their advantage.

Research Advisory

iResearch Services advisory team researched the external and internal sources of data and explored the way the market leaders were leveraging this data to improve customer engagement. This data was then used to improve the survey questionnaire

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses

C-suit Responses

Billion USD Revenue & above


Telephonic interviews
Telephonic interviews
Online Surveys
Online Surveys

Key Takeaways

Due to latest digital and cloud-based platforms, savvy players are entering new markets and finding out new ways of businesses.

Businesses are increasingly accessing open source or publicly available data, to generate revenues, improve customer experience, and/or provide customer insights.

80% customer data platform is managed by the marketing function and is different from other databases or platforms.

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