Conducted for one of the largest consulting firms in the world this study aimed at capturing how digital transformation is perceived amongst the trend-setters in the industry. Furthermore it also expected to understand the preparedness of the businesses to handle this transformation.

Research Advisory

After considerable deliberation companies were shortlisted based on revenue and segmented evenly among sectors to asses the impact based on industry. The questionnaire was further revised that reduced the survey time by 25% and simplified data analysis.

Survey & Analysis

Industries including financial services, retail and consumer goods, travel & transport, logistics, manufacturing & automotive, energy etc.

Million Annual turnover

Plus country regions including-USA, Europe, UK, South Africa & India etc

Design & Editorial

White paper
White paper

Key Takeaways

46% Planned to spend more than 50% of their marketing budget in digital channels.

36% Respondents felt that they were the leaders of digital technology in their industry