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The Future of Fresh Food

This study was conducted to explore drivers of the growth of fresh foods and the manufacturer’s ability to capture the value of the trends and challenges they faced. The report also provided a holistic understanding of the critical issues in this fast-moving marketplace.


Research advisory & campaign strategy

iResearch Services conducted this study for the world's largest consulting firm. Before conducting the study, we undertook secondary research on how manufacturers and retailers can drive fresh foods growth and realize untapped potential.

Future of Fresh Food Study

Campaign Statistics

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target revenue companies

500M $
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Telephonic Interview and Online Survey

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
78% of the manufacturers and retailers are in the early stages of adopting advanced technologies such as automation and robotics, blockchain and big data and analytics which is the biggest challenge to them.
Key Takeaways
80% of manufacturers and retailers believe that the food which customers buy is always verifiable and food safety issues are identified before the product reaches the store or leaves the store shelf.
Key Takeaways
25% of the challenges faced by manufacturers focus on quality control of raw materials and 20% on storages and processing.
Key Takeaways
32% of the challenges faced by the retailers are food spoilage, 24% of food storage at the retail warehouse and 16% in food product pricing.
Editorial Design

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Report downloads

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