The research was conducted to explore how C-suite view on technology, globalization, demographics, social values, and the changing personal expectations of workforce participants, in particular Millennial’s, have had an effusive impact on the talent landscape.

Research Advisory

The team of research consultants at iResearch Services proposed a new questionnaire format which reduced the number of questions respondents had to face thereby reducing the survey duration by 15% without affecting the data collection and analysis processes

Survey & Analysis

Major markets across Americas, Asia, and Europe

quantitative survey conducted with C-suite across various job functions

Range of industries covered with 50% companies > USD 1 BN and the remaining 50 % with revenue 500 MN – USD 1BN

Design & Editorial


Key Takeaways

Inclusive economic growth-Business must be responsible for experience-based learning and helping employees learn how to learn
42% surveyed expect to increase the use of robotics and cognitive technologies
76% surveyed expect automation will require new workforce skills in the next one to three years.
Wage growth has been the strongest for those with BOTH cognitive and social skills.