Session 8: To AI, or not to AI?

This panel session explored the role of AI in thought leadership and shed light on the dynamic world of AI and its impact on thought leadership, underlining the importance of data ethics, education, and thoughtful AI application.

Key Takeaways

  • AI’s Role: The panel discussed whether AI represents an evolution or a revolution, emphasizing the need for data and workforce readiness.
  • Business and AI: Generative AI was seen as a transformative force in the workforce but concerns about clarity and data sources were raised.
  • Augmenting AI: The importance of enhancing AI capabilities and data ethics was highlighted, along with challenges in creating effective prompts.
  • Embracing AI: The risks of AI in thought leadership were deemed relatively low, with potential for increased productivity and new job opportunities, while education and thought leadership play key roles in addressing job displacement concerns. Fact-checking and data-checking are key, however.

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