Leading Lights: Focus on Financial Services

Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s The Leading Light – here to spotlight how thought leadership is a winning strategy for the financial services sector.

In our new report, Leading Lights: Focus on Financial Services, The Leading Light and the rest of the Thought Leadership Super Squad illuminate how financial services professionals can gain huge advantages through thought leadership excellence.

Interviews with 4,000 business leaders reveal how the power of financial services thought leadership can boost revenue, reputation, relationships and real-world impact, shoring up firms for commercial and cultural success.

Now, let’s put some numbers on that


of creators believe thought leadership increases customer loyalty


say it gains recognition for their company or key individuals


insist it increases revenues.

    I want to know how thought leadership can (super)power my business


    of consumers say thought leadership informs or leads their decision-making. But the information must be accurate, with 69% of creators stating it is essential or important that thought leadership should be grounded in research-based evidence and data.


    share thought leadership on digital media – the top option. When looking at using social media, Facebook is the most popular platform, with LinkedIn further down the pecking order.


    of businesses are investing the same budget or more this year on thought leadership. They believe thought leadership has a significant impact on their company’s revenue, which justifies increased spend.


    Thought leadership is a tool to communicate, educate and support growth in uncertain times – a tool that the financial services sector needs in its armoury now, more than ever.