Leading Lights: Focus on Financial Services 

How can thought leadership benefit professional services companies?

Supercharge your success in the professional services sector with thought leadership – the winning strategy that drives revenue, enhances reputation, builds relationships, and creates real-world impact.

The latest in our new series of reports surveying 4,000 business leaders and consumers reveals the real power of thought leadership. Benefit from practical tips from our superhero Super Squad on how the main findings can affect your business.

Main Benefits

Thought leadership is the key to unlocking growth and success in uncertain times. It can increase:


Establish expertise, attract clients, and drive business growth.


Foster powerful partnerships and connections in times of uncertainty.


Build trust and paint a positive reputation without greenwashing or misinformation.

Real-World Impact

Contribute to sustainability goals and collaborate with partners.

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A clear focus on lead generation with a dedicated leader can help enhance revenue generation.


By having a dedicated person to lead thought leadership activities, companies gained a 3% direct increase in revenue, our survey suggests.