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Thought Leadership Story on the 4th Industrial Revolution​

This study aims to understand the CXO's insight around the world’s largest organizations to discuss how they are confronting long-held market orthodoxies and assumptions that govern decision-making.​


Research advisory & campaign strategy

iResearch Services conducted this study for one of the largest publication firms in the world. The research advisory team customized the questioner and classified it according to the revenue of the companies and approach the CEOs for the relevant and more accurate insights. ​

Thought Leadership Story on the 4th Industrial Revolution​

Survey Statistics

Number of questions

33 +


survey responses

1600 +


geography targeted

19 +


profiles targeted

7 +


target revenue companies

1B $
& above

Target revenue


2 +


Telephonic Interview and Online Survey

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
43% of the CXOs are not routinely taking a strategic and holistic view of the various dimensions, implications, and opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Key Takeaways
65% of the CXOs should focus on how technology can disrupt their organization & consider investing in new skills that meet the expectations of their customers/constituents, employees, and society.
Key Takeaways
45% Organizations and the CXOs that lead them do not regularly prioritize, or recognize, the role they play as co-architects/influences of society.
Key Takeaways
47% of executives consider their organizations highly capable at using advanced technologies to enable employees to be more efficient.
Editorial Design

Campaign summary stats

Report downloads

21K +

Report downloads

Social engagement

3.4K +

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Geographical exposure

23 +

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