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About Thought Society™

Strike a Nerve in the Market with Ground-Breaking Research


Powered by iResearch Services, Thought Society™ is an innovation hub that delivers fresh perspectives for original thought leadership programmes. A people-focused initiative, it brings together the brightest minds in thought leadership to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas that help businesses communicate their expertise in new and exciting ways.

What can Thought Society do for You?

Deliver Unique Thought Leadership
Perspectives to Global Brands

Continuously refine and strengthen our processes and research sources to deliver unique thought leadership perspectives to global brands.

Grow a network of innovative leaders in thought leadership, and facilitate the sharing of new initiatives and best practice within this group.

Drive insights-led conversations on thought leadership through webinars, podcasts and other events.


Members of the Advisory Board are hand-picked for their expertise. As an Advisor, you would be invited to share ideas and best practice around innovation – this can be through conferences, webinars, breakfast mornings, podcasts, articles and more.

There is no charge to join, and your involvement can be scaled according to your availability.

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