Tips to Overcome Challenges in Offering Business Research Services

Tips to Overcome Challenges in Offering Business Research Services

In the past few years, business research has become an integral marketing tool. Though the foundation of business research and consumer research was similar, there was a significant difference in the process of execution and field of environment. It is essential to clear specific obstacles by companies offering business research services to accomplish different projects smoothly:

Qualitative Research

Conduction of qualitative research in addition to quantitative research brings a considerable improvement in the entire research project in a wide number of ways. You should make sure that you are looking for the parameters which are of higher interest to the targeted audience, instead of those which are in the interests of the business. Secondly, you should ensure that you are making use of language which is comfortable and familiar to a respondent.

Use stronger samples while going into the field

One common challenge which is used by companies offering business research services contributes to being inadequate or smaller sample population. It is recognized to be the responsibility of the researcher for ensuring that the project is completed with the aid of accurate and clean sample. For saving cost and time, it is a must that the research firm and the client should be working together for ensuring that appropriate respondents are inclusive in the sample and there is removal of invalid mobile numbers, duplicates, invalid email addresses prior to launching the survey.

Designing quota and execution of segmentation groups

For smaller samples, it is recommended to go for designing quota groups and execution of segmentations. It is typical for the estimation of completion rate by the amount of sample on 10% response rate. It is a must to have 2000 valid and qualified sample records at least for starting for getting 200 completes. For accommodation small sample populations, quota groups and segmentation plays an indispensable part. It needs an elevated level of sophistication during research. If you are planning to set quota groups, it is recommended to keep making of errors lower.

You should go for a longer schedule

Companies offering business research services tend to a slow procedure owing to the complication of business activity and high research rate. You should be enabling flexible data collection schedule and longer planning phase. You should be taking into consideration that there are higher chances that the respondents will not respond during major holidays. Other factors that are present in the field of scheduling and should not ignore are inclusive of the seasonality of specific business professions and work style. For instance, it is not reasonable to survey school teaches at the time of summer.

Most of the B2B studies are accomplished during business hours. During the time, the respondents are less available. A solution for reducing phone survey refusals is to call the respondents during less productive business hours.

Keep the survey simple and short

Long surveys can prove to be a drag, especially in case the respondents are lacking the time and thinking to get off the phone. Hence, it is recommended to keep the survey short and simple.

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