Top 12 Tips to Grow Your Thought Leadership

Top 12 Tips to Grow Your Thought Leadership

A fairly recent buzzword in the Market Research Industry-Thought Leadership is a term that is gaining large popularity in the last few years. Though the growth of a business can be attained in a multitude of ways, many organizations still rely on the old ways when it comes to doing sales, introducing new brands or products, capturing new markets, acquisitions or even mergers.

But in recent times, a new cliché of thought leadership has come into vogue that is being aspired by most B2B brands and market research teams. Having a clear idea about who a thought leader is, becomes essential for most B2B brands before they decide to adopt this new marketing strategy.

Thought Leadership – Current Scenario

Most thought leaders are in great demand now- a -days as many of the B2B organizations that are growth-starved look for means and ways to upgrade themselves with the latest ideas, information and appropriate solutions for all their problems.

With the digital, mobile and social channels being used by the buyers to purchase a product, most marketing executives have realized that expertise in the subject matter and a clear point of view is very crucial for chasing and converting a prospect into a lead.

Despite the increasing popularity of thought leadership, many B2B brands are still unaware about the benefits of adopting the marketing strategy of thought leadership and thus fail to connect with their audience thus making a severe impact on their revenue.

Top twelve thought leadership best practices for promoting your brand

  1. Forecasting the future by taking a look at the past
  2. Try linking what you actually do with what you are analyzing or forecasting
  3. Spend on research
  4. Try placing your point of view by adopting multifaceted messaging
  5. Give adequate time for propagation of thought leadership messages
  6. Make use of the best PR to express what you really want to convey
  7. Approach a ghost writer to write a content loaded article that is likely to attract your target audience
  8. Try adopting the practice of Name dropping in your thought leadership marketing i.e. using the reference of your clients in the research you undertake with the client’s prior permission
  9. Test new technologies which the industry needs by deploying the latest research methods, money and time. This will not only make you emerge as a leader and winner of your industry before others but also enable your industry to run cheaper, faster and efficient.
  10. Engage actively through constant reinvention by being aware of the quick constant changes happening in the industry.
  11. Ensure that you make your webinars and white papers become available through various channels by linking them properly to your website especially if they are good enough to be passed ahead.
  12. Undertaking mobile marketing campaigns is also a good way to make people become aware or research about something which you would want them such as an interesting white paper theme or topic for a new POV.

By adhering to the above thought leadership strategies for growth and innovation, an organization can no doubt hope to become a leader in its own right but it is not the only means available as there are varied and more productive options also available to succeed.

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