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Top 3 Highlights of ESOMAR Congress 2019

ESOMAR Congress 2019 is one of the most impactful events in the global market research industry. No other event offers the chance to network and reconnect with clients, competitors, colleagues, mentors, and more. With a program lineup consisting of more than 80 speakers over four days, the program covers the most buzzed-about topics in the industry. Read on for the key takeaways from ESOMAR Congress 2019.


Presenting on Content-Based Research, Erick Morales of De La Riva Group Mexico spoke on the topic of “Digital laboratories as a breakthrough approach to find profound insights in social media”. This presentation won the ESOMAR Latin America 2019 Best Presentation Award, and it was the highlight of the first day in Edinburgh as well. The focus of this topic was on breaking down the barriers between digital marketing and traditional marketing to effectively drive sales to a brand in a more effective and efficient way. The breakthrough approach of using digital laboratories enables marketing professionals to take a deep dive into social media and gain insights that lead to impactful consumer marketing.

While much has been shared about social network analysis and content-based research, the context between networks and how they interact can be ambiguous, uncertain, and unpredictable simultaneously. This session explored how to set up an effective digital laboratory to unearth all the nuances of social network analysis. Through AI technology and data analytics, social media insights are brought to the surface to create action items for production teams and new product development innovators.

The “Aye’s” Have It

Covered in several topics during the program, audio matching technology certainly seems to be a hot topic. Used to measure radio listenership and television audience viewing behaviors, audio matching was developed to respond to today’s complex, diverse devices used to entertain us. While it is relatively easy to install an algorithm on a web page to measure views, opens, etc., finding out who is listening or watching a program can be a guessing game without audio matching systems. Offering an expert opinion on the importance of audio matching technology was, among others, Pablo Perez, Head of Market Insights for Google in the Spain and Portugal markets.

Audiomatching systems record certain sounds, typically the television or radio program itself, and send this data for processing and evaluation. This information is invaluable for broadcast companies to measure the success of their programs, effectively sell advertising and sponsorships, and offer customized subscriptions based on consumer preference. As the market evolves, audio matching systems are updated to respond and collect data on one of the most deeply personal experiences in our homes; our entertainment choices.


What letter-number combination immediately brings speed to mind? F1, short for Formula 1, the highest class of single-seat, premier auto racing around the world. Since its first season in 1950, F1 has captivated audiences with its speed and innovation. Speaking to the ESOMAR Congress 2019, Global Research Director Matt Roberts shared how insight how sensor technology, used by F1 during nine races last year, has significantly improved fan engagement and commercial opportunities.

In Formula 1, teams are increasingly reliant on sensors, servers, connectivity, communications, and cybersecurity technology to improve strategy and, obviously, their chances of winning consistently and safely. The Red Bull Racing team alone produces around 1,000 new designs between each race on the calendar, which adds up to 30,000 for the season. In other words, data is crucial for speed and winning, at least in F1.

While the teams integrate the latest technology innovations in their cars, the F1 organization is transforming itself digitally as well. F1 is focusing on three main digital initiatives to monetize; social media, core platforms, and esports.  Collecting important data from each car and making sure it is 100 percent correct enhances the fan engagement. This data is offered via subscription-based live OTT broadcast as well as complimentary replay service. Prioritizing the fan experience and eliminating the possibility of under-serving the super, hardcore F1 fans, the organization is reaping the rewards of big data analysis and real-time content service.

Recap of an Impactful Event

Attending the ESOMAR Congress 2019 and other events is a way to get hands-on with innovation that will disrupt the research industry. Always inspiring, the ESOMAR Congress 2019 featured the gold standard in research and insights, demonstrating the power of today’s technology and its impact on the way companies of all sizes succeed.

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