Understanding the Dynamics of Lead Generation

Understanding the Dynamics of Lead Generation

For any sales team to succeed, generating a pipeline that is constantly upgraded with new leads is a must. As sales happen to be the lifeblood of any business, it is crucial that the efforts taken for generation of leads remain active and effective eternally.

Developing an online strategy for generating leads that helps in driving new sales leads in the sales funnel on a regular basis to generate traffic is essential for all companies. Reviewing and redefining strategies regularly too can make a big impact in the long run.


Identifying best strategies for generating leads

Based on the assessment of the industry, any marketing channel such as social media, content networks, paid search can be opted by a company to generate leads and attain success.

To determine the best strategy, understanding the dynamics of lead generation by developing a process that involves various rounds of tests, evaluation, and reiteration has to be undertaken until a best strategy is identified and implemented.

Basics of Ongoing Lead Generation

Lead generation in the modern context is not about creating a need for the prospects but on the contrary, it is identifying the needs, which a prospect already has, and guiding them with the right information.

In short, lead generation can be termed as a scientific, technical, and dynamic name of all the sections that involves right from the identification of the prospect need to providing the right information to the prospect until driving them to purchasing the product.

As the prospect’s approach towards purchase of a product has undergone lot of changes in the recent years, the responsibility of the marketing team has increased manifold than what it was a few years before involving many steps in the process of purchase.

The responsibility of the sales person or the sales department in the purchase process is seen at a later stage in the modern times. As a result, more responsibilities and effectiveness of functioning on the part of the marketing team is seen covering different steps at the end stages in the process of purchase thus leading to the arrival of lead generation in the scenario.

Common techniques of lead generation

Lead generation primarily involves 3 techniques:

  1. Scoring of Leads

In this technique of lead generation, points are allocated depending on the behaviour, grades and demography obtained from various channels.

  1. Nurturing Leads

The performance of activities including continuous information sharing either manual or auto generated to divert leads towards purchasing process to meet the criteria and become more eligible can be termed as nurturing of leads.

  1. Routing of Leads

The procedure of routing a lead to sales, then to the areas of marketing and various other areas depending on the points scored is routing of leads.

Thus, the dynamics of lead generation involves various stages right from getting contact information of the lead (prospect) to providing campaign or advertising material to generate interest of the lead, involve a sales person to handle the lead, lastly converting the lead into opportunity for the company by closing the deal.

Leads act as key strategic element in every organizations profit growth and hence nurturing leads is vital right from the stage of marketing to sales.

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