Understanding the Functioning of Market Research Services

Understanding the Functioning of Market Research Services

It is known to all that market research services primarily work for profit. They charge for the market research that they do for the organizations. The data acquired by them is used by the organizations to assess their market value. It helps businesses to know their competitors, consumer behavior, sale rate, etc. In some cases, market research simply deals with the study of the financial status of a business. Market research services play a major role in market research but how do they function?


Common Types of Market Research

The market research services work in different sectors. To determine how they function, it is necessary to know what types of market research they carry out.

  • Audits

Researchers carry out store audits by going through the data collected by them over a period of time. They analyze the data to improve the efficiency of the company.

  • Mystery Shopping

Market research can be carried out by sending researchers as mystery shoppers to companies, who then gather first-hand data by recording their experience and observations. They are called mystery shoppers because only the market research service that sends them knows their real identity and their purpose of visit. Mystery shoppers get the privilege of enjoying the services offered by the companies for free.

  • Surveys

Surveys are the most popular type of market research. They are flexible in nature. Surveys are structured questionnaires. They contain questions related to the product or service produced by a particular business. The information is gathered by direct customer interaction.

Functioning of a Market Research Service

A market research service receives orders from businesses (clients) for performing a market research for the products and services manufactured by them. They determine the technique of the market research that is required to be carried out for obtaining the particular data requested by the clients. The methods of market research are either primary or secondary. Primary data collection method involves the formation of questionnaires and surveys. They are more expensive and are time-consuming. On the other hand, secondary data collection method involves analyzing the prevailing records and forming a new research. It is more economical and less time-consuming.

The market research service then targets a specific group of audience, which they think would be suitable for obtaining the specified data. Depending on the business’ needs, the market research can either be business-to-business or business-to-customer.

The market research service starts by making cold calls to every possible respondent. Through this, they gather the names of the interested respondents, which they then use in a list when making warm calls. Depending on the availability of the respondents, the researchers may even fix appointments with them for collecting further information. The information gathered by them is forwarded to the clients, who use it for creating the final evaluation.

Market research services possess the latest equipment to perform the market research. Because of its increasing demand, North America alone has experienced a 1.7% revenue growth in market research service industry.

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