Why Chatbots Are Dominating The Marketing World?

Why Chatbots Are Dominating The Marketing World?

In the past few years, technology has transcended the mainstream marketing landscape. Communication and connectivity has reached an advanced extent and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if someday robots replace humans workforce. Artificial Intelligence, for the same reasons, also faces resistance for its abilities to replace people from workplaces, thus eliminating jobs.

While we can’t comment about other marketing automation tools, ChatBots can help you in the marketing process without replacing your job. With automation getting more and more intertwined with businesses, no wonder marketers are turning to Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots to automate communication and skyrocketing sales. It is a powerful tool which allows marketers to get more done in limited time and resource.

ChatBots work on a process known as deep learning, a domain of Artificial Intelligence, which works on technologies like pattern recognition and speech recognition. Here are some of the top reasons why ChatBots should be a part of your marketing technology.

 1. Instant Communication With Your Prospects 

When visitors first visit your website, they’re likely to be gripped by curiosity and questions. If they don’t find answers or have to skim down the pages to find the answers, they’ll probably exit your website with minimal chances of coming back.

ChatBotss rectify this anomaly and engages your visitors instantly.

Look at the example below,


I wanted to get educational content from the website, and ta-da that’s exactly what I got without even going to lengths to find it. The ChatBots asked my preference and provided me a link redirecting me to the desired page.

Who doesn’t love this sort of instant communication which leads to quick results and what better way than ChatBots and AI powered customer service to do that.

2. Track What Your Team Members Are Doing

Getting everyone on the same track is necessary for the success of a team. ChatBots are making this task a lot easier now.

Some ChatBots like Nikabot can hep you track what your team members are doing, what project are they working on and how far have they reached. All this and more keeps everyone up to date with each other which naturally results in mitigating the friction in the team. The best part – ChatBots can either mitigate cumbersome tasks or eliminate them altogether.


Look at the ChatBots above. This ChatBots effectively matches the schedules and allows team members to be in sync with each other’s schedules. This ensures that everyone is aware what the other person is doing while reducing unnecessary chaos and back and forth emails.

3.Who Doesn’t Love Some Personal Attention?

A 2016 study revealed that 71% of customers prefer personalised ads. Many brands are indulging their customers by asking them questions and taking quizes. ChatBots are programmed to take data from the customers and provide answers accordingly.


ChatBot image 4


This way every stage of the customer journey becomes personalised and customers love it. Not only this makes the whole task compact but also more efficient. Such courteous and personalised attention keeps them engaged and focused to their areas of interest on the website. This is one of the best ways to shower your users with personal attention and personalise their experience.

4. ChatBots extract psychographics very smoothly

If programmed efficiently ChatBots can be  very effective in extracting information.while building customer engagement. A survey by the Michigan State University revealed that 76% of people completed the survey via Facebook Messenger while only around 24% responded to traditional email survey form.

ChatBot image 5

ChatBots owe this success to the fact that they are very conversational and a refreshing change from lengthy surveys and forms that customers detest. Organisations can replace a chat team with a ChatBots which can offer 24 hours service to the customers. Several marketers today are turning to ChatBots to extract information from their prospects that can be leveraged further for serving the customers.

5. Qualify Your Leads Using ChatBots 

Do you still think that ChatBot is nothing more than that pesky window that pops up at the most unexpected time? If so, then here’s another reason to change your mind.

ChatBots can do wonders for marketers when it comes to qualifying leads. They can save your time, money and sanity by asking your customers deliberate and appropriate questions to figure out their preferences. It also lets you distinguish between the prospects who are a good fit from unproductive leads. They can ask specific questions to pre-qualify the leads and notify you accordingly.


ChatBots appear to be dominating the marketing industry and will continue to do so in the near future. With the available tools on the internet creating a simple ChatBots can be a matter of a few hours. However great care must be taken to ensure that ChatBots offers personalisation instead of repelling visitors away.

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