Why Global Organizations Prefer CATI Services?

Why Global Organizations Prefer CATI Services?

CATI is an acronym for Computer Assisted Telephone Interview. It was invented for simplifying the process of a telephonic interview. Although CATI is a research facility that has been around since 1970, there have been many modifications in the operations of this technology. CATI services provide a better deal for this highly advanced market research system and bring you the most efficient market research tool for accurate data collection.

How do CATI Services work?

The first job of the CATI services is to understand the business’ need and acknowledge their problems with their products and services. Only after extensive research can they lay the foundation of their work. CATI services then prepare the questionnaires, which are sent across to the respondents for them to answer. These are digital questionnaires generated using CATI software that is displayed on the screen of the respondents.

As the respondent answers to the questions, the succeeding questions are altered or rephrased, stating that it is a flexible system of a telephonic interview. All the responses are recorded in the system. Therefore, it is easy to store the related data digitally. The system is capable of recognizing accuracy in answers and thus, there is no room for errors. The reports are made post the data collection process.

Reasons why organizations prefer CATI Services

  1. They are Interactive

CATI services provide an interactive telephonic interview session. Their researchers are on the call with the respondents while they engage themselves with the questionnaire. In case they have a query, they can immediately get them resolved by the interviewer.

  1. They guarantee quality along with accuracy

CATI researchers make use of the CATI system to collect information from the interviewee. The system is entirely automatic so no errors can be found. All the responses are arranged in the CATI system in a specified order. Hence, CATI services provide accuracy and quality in their work.

  1. CATI services are less time-consuming

The CATI services are extremely flexible. If the respondents are willing to participate in the market research but are unavailable at that particular moment, they can specify the day and the time of their availability and schedule an appointment. The CATI system automatically saves this information. The researchers can also save this information manually in the system. Since all the operations are automatic and digital, the process consumes less time and the services provide great results in a short period of time.

  1. They are highly cost-effective

It has been reported by several companies that they experienced 40% reduction in their market research costs because of CATI outsourcing services. The apparent expenses of telephone interviews involve employee costs and costs of the telephone setup. Additionally, infrastructure, maintenance of the equipment and other costs are also to be borne. CATI services bear these costs on the businesses’ behalf.

By hiring CATI services, companies can save on various market research costs. They house a fully-trained staff for client satisfaction. They offer unprejudiced reports, which are beneficial for the company’s future. Thus, the organizations prefer using CATI services either by outsourcing or deploying in-house.


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