Why you should not ignore your existing B2B clients

Why you should not ignore your existing B2B clients

Most companies with B2B clients invariably make the mistake of disregarding their clients once they become their consumers. The contact with the B2B clients gets restricted to solely sending an invoice once or twice in a month.

The disregard towards the B2B clients is not done intentionally or deliberately by the sales department. Most sales personnel work under the pressure to achieve the targets of new clients within the set deadline as failure to do so will result in their failure to get the commission that is due to them. This is one of the primary reasons why old B2B clients are being disregarded or why the sales team fails to spend too much time with the clients whom they have already done business with as they are busy in attracting new clients.

If your sales team is ignoring the B2B clients, then it is high time to take serious steps as your competitors would have already approached them by now. Continuous disregard for your B2B clients is likely to very soon result in your dear customers becoming the past customers with whom you once did business.

A true self-analysis done by raising certain key questions and answering them in a fair manner to find out if you are really ignoring your B2B clients  is the only way  to retain clients and not make them your former clients.

Simple steps for true self-analysis for retention of B2B Clients

  1. Did you ever pose the question to your B2B clients to understand whether the value you had promised to deliver is actually being delivered to them?
  2. Are your clients aware of the value of the products and services being delivered to them and if at any time you had honestly taken steps to make them become aware of the value.
  3. Did you ever ask for a referral?
  4. Took efforts to understand or even impress your B2B clients by arranging for lunch or dinner parties.
  5. Introduced your B2B clients to those significant people who would of help in expanding your B2B Client’s business.
  6. Kept regular contact with your B2B clients by sending them that information that would be of great value to them in their business at least once in 3 months.
  7. Did you ever take any step to introduce new products or services that your client would be interested in or which your competitor is offering?
  8. If during any time you bothered to understand the requirement of your client for business development and accordingly took steps to make them attend a specific event that would be of value to them in developing their business.
  9. Did you at any time take steps to strengthen the relationship between your team and your B2B clients?

An honest and fair answer to the above questions by you would reveal whether you have taken good care of your B2B clients or ignored them completely in the last few months. If you are one of those who disregard your B2B clients, then you must be prepared to face the worst that is be prepared to see your clients leaving you to join your competitors.

Working on the above questions by taking adequate steps will not only help in retaining your loyal clients but even in attracting new ones. This strategy will also help to eliminate competition as your B2B clients would have realized by now that they too need your support for their growth along with your services and products.

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