Why you should set realistic goals with sales training

Why you should set realistic goals with sales training

Like every year, most B2B companies including yours would sincerely believe that the sales target for the next financial year would be definitely more than this year and your guess in all its fairness is likely to come true for the next fiscal year. You may ask how?

With the average success rate of predictions for business for B2B companies being targeted at 46% approximately, in the coming financial year, it is predicted to be even more. Almost all B2B companies are also likely to carry out training sessions for their sales team so as to apprise them about the organization’s expectation from the sales department. These training sessions are definitely going to help the sales team in achieving the sales targets.

Most of these sessions that are organized by B2B companies are not the actual sessions of training for sales team but in fact act as a training session on providing information about the steps that needs to be taken by them to attain the goal of target sales in the upcoming financial year.

Anticipation of B2B companies from their sales team

The B2B companies insist their sales team to

  • Follow up on management in the top brackets
  • Be forceful with the calls they make for sales
  • Create an atmosphere of exigency
  • Bring to the notice of the customer the differentiation between one’s own company’s product and services with that of the competitor’s product and services.

One time training session in sales is not enough

Unfortunately each year, most B2B companies restrict their sales training sessions to the above points except in certain extreme cases where an outside sales expert is invited to provide extra sales knowledge or the so-called training in sales.

Most of the times, these so-called “Training Gurus” or “Sales Experts” provide inspirational or encouraging speeches on how to boost the sales. After one or two futile training sessions, the sales team has to break their head on devising ways to achieve the set targets or goals of sales. This is the common scenario one gets to see in most B2B companies year after year and by now you must have realized that even your company is no different.

Reinforcement in the form of regular sales training sessions

As a B2B company, one valid truth which you must have realized by now is that conduct of training sessions in sales without following it up regularly is of no use. What it requires is constant reinforcement for the sales people in the form of regular training sessions.

One time training session no doubt helps in boosting sales but that is only for a limited period of time. It is a normal human behavior to slip back to one’s old ways and sales staff are no different. Regular training sessions provide the much-needed reinforcement and motivation to the sales team thus helping to keep the sales target at an all time high in every given condition.

For those B2B companies having doubts about the expenses involved in providing so many training sessions, the actual expenses for carrying out the sales training sessions works out to a very minimal cost in comparison to the increase in the overall revenue that a B2B company is likely to see by undertaking sales training sessions. Hence, any company seeking to boost sales should opt for regular training sessions for the sales team.

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